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Small Town Charm, Big City Heart:  Scott Miles

Scott Randall Miles is a singer, songwriter, and musician currently living and working as a full-time musician in the Oklahoma City Metro area.  Scott Miles, was born July 22, 1990 in Shawnee, OK and raised in Small Town America, Prague, OK. He is the oldest of three boys and has an almost two-year-old daughter. 

Scott has always been armed with the desire to use his voice to entertain.  Scott grew up imitating cartoon characters and cartoon theme songs and singing a-long to late-night Time Life commercials.  He was also in the school choir for a few years.  Eventually, word got around his small town high school that Scott had a good voice.  After a short audition to a Shinedown song in the Prague High School weight room, Scott Dammit Miles became the lead singer of his first band, Negative Zero!

Scott began singing with Negative Zero at age 16 and really found a passion for performing.  With the help of his bandmate, Nathan (last name), Scott taught himself guitar and began writing music, eventually finding the unmistakable Scotty sound.  Negative Zero played local gigs and even recorded a 6-song album of Scott Miles originals.  As most young bands do, Negative Zero dissolved shortly after high school.         

Scott Miles moved to the city at age (24?) to try his hand at the traditional 9-5 scene.  He soon discovered music was his greatest passion.  He began singing at Open Mics and Jams around the city, landing his first weekly gig at The World-Famous Hideaway Lounge in early 2015.  His next weekly gig came shortly after at Brewsky’s Bar and Grill.  Over the past two and a half years, Scott Miles has developed fans and a following hosting Open Jams, playing regular gigs or performing at venues such as Kendall’s, Louie’s on Expressway, S & B Burgers – Midtown, The Aloha, The Touché Club, Bill’s Steakhouse, Alibi’s, Annual Pride Festival, Crazy Dave’s, Rock & Brews, Sherlock’s, Don Quixote’s, Triple’s Bar and Grill, and has also performed at numerous lake parties, house parties, events, and benefits.  Scott Miles also performs with his band (s?) Scott Miles and the Ride, and Scott Miles and the Double Dangs.  (To view Scotts calendar, click here; different picture of Scott for each month)

Scott Miles influences range from Johnny Cash, 70’s and 80’s stadium rock, Queen, Metallica, The Cranberries, 90’s punk like Blink 182, Bowling for Soup, and XPX, to the more modern rock sounds of Clutch, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, and MSI.  Local inspirations include Patrick Cullen II, Jimmy “the Hat” Hobbs, Debbie Henning and Gentry Counce for their unique styles, ability to stay true to themselves, and mentorship. 

With influences from a variety of decades and genres, Scott Miles has cultivated a multi-generational bluesy punk sound that is unique to Scott Dammit. Armed with about 18 originals and a plethora of covers, Scott Miles intention is always to “Give You a Show”.  From making up songs when a dart team wins to personal birthday serenades, people always feel welcome and like they belong.  The energy and passion at Scott’s performances can be felt in the crowd as they move to the beat.  As Scott would say, “Applause doesn’t matter…I know I’m doing something right when the music moves through the people.  Being able to do this (for a living) is amazing.”